About Me

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog!

My name is Geybie. I’m a passionate and avid reader who loves writing about books that I love. I’m addicted to happily-ever-afters, as I bet, so are you. You won’t be here if you’re not, right? I love young adult, new adult, adult, contemporary and paranormal romance. However, at this time, I prefer contemporary ones. I’ve been addicted to contemporary romance for the last few years.

The books that I highly recommend are on BOOK REVIEWS (my favorites based on ratings), RECOMMENDATIONS (my favorites based on themes), and FAVORITE SERIES. I don’t review all the books I post on this blog since most of them are the books I had read way before this blog. However those are equally amazing as the books I review.

This blog is more then a hobby, this is my passion. I do not receive any payment from authors or publishers for any book reviews, features and recommendations posted on this blog, therefore, you can trust my reviews and recommendations. However, I do have one requirement: I LOVE happily ever afters! I love happy endings! If you happen to like the same, welcome to my blog.😉

Before blogging I had gone off social media for three years, so I’m kind of a new kid on social media now, trying to figure out everything from the beginning. Follow me on  facebook and twitter to chat with me, or leave your message in the comments, or email me at geybiesbookblog(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you for coming.


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