Book Review – Wait For It by Mariana Zapata

Wait for ItWait For It by Mariana Zapata

The title perfectly describes both the meaning of the story and what you would feel as you read it. We really need to wait for it, wait for the story to be at what we’ve been waiting for: the romance to blossom. It is a 955-page book that took me two and a half days to finish, especially around Christmas. It was hard when, after a day and a half, reaching 50% and it was not fully there. The romance I meant. Very slow-burn romance.

What made me finish it? The writing. Yep, the writing. Miss Zapata really CAN write. She writes AMAZINGLY. The details of the scenes and how she describes each character make the story rich. It made me think I was in the real world, among these families, living their lives, feeling their struggles, and dealing with their problems. I could vividly visualize the details.

So, what the story is about? It is about a woman in her late thirties, Diana with her two sons, who were her late brother’s that she inherited, move in a new town. Not long after their moving, she met a very handsome neighbor living across the street, Dallas, who is apparently married. Although she felt something for him, she kept it to herself and distanced herself to make their relationship stay professional and friendly. And it is not easy, especially when Dallas is her older son’s baseball couch.

“It would be obvious if I did, and despite him being a wonderful friend, person, and neighbor, he was married.”

Since, he is very devoted to his vow as a married man, he TOO kept the distance. Before you ask, NO, there is no cheating or betrayal going on. He has been separating from his wife for three years and been in the process of divorce, but he refused to do any marital affairs while his status is still a married man.

“Baby, I took being married to someone I didn’t even love seriously. I never once cheated on my ex, even after we split up. What kind of man would I show you I was if I’d changed my mind about how I should act after I’d met you?”

“If I can respect being in a relationship with someone who I won’t remember years from now—someone I don’t even think about—I wanted you to see how seriously I would take spending the next fifty years with the girl who’s keeping my heart for herself.”

And I ADORED AND RESPECTED HIM for it. As much as I wanted their relationship to take off as soon as possible, I did love how it eventually worked out. When it happened, it felt SPECIAL. Miss Zapata is brilliant. 955 page long and two and a half days of reading finally made sense. IT WAS WORTH IT.

“Diana, I love you, and every bone in my body tells me that I’m gonna love you every day of my life, even when we want to kill each other.”

“While I still have breath in my body, I won’t go anywhere, Peach.” He kissed my temple. “You never know what will happen an hour from now, a minute from now, but I won’t make you regret any of it too bad, even when I get on your nerves and we bicker because we’ve been together forever and know everything about each other. That time could be a month, or could be until we’re both in our diapers, but I’ll be there.”

Aside from the slow-burn romance, family relationship is the other main focus of the story that is equally important, playing significant role to the romance that has been built. I loved the relationship between Diana and her two sons, and her with her big families. I could relate to her. I also loved the relationship that Dallas built with her two sons. They are so adorable and he cannot be more perfect.

This story has everything that was mixed into one beautiful love story that involves every character. I highly recommend this book for fans who love slow-burn romance especially for those who want to take a break from fast-pace romance. 4.5 star fantastic read from me.


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