Favorite Series – Dartmoor Series by Lauren Gilley

Fearless (Dartmoor, #1)This series is definitely one of my favorite Biker (MC) books. I recommend this series for those who love Biker (MC) books and second chance love. Each book features different characters but the stories are interconnected, that is why reading it orderly would be best. You can read them standalone. This is the reading order to help us read this series.

About book 1:

Welcome to the mother chapter of the Lean Dogs Motorcycle Club; meet the girl raised by outlaws, and the fearsome man who will always hold her heart.

Ava Teague left for college with a busted heart and a deeply ingrained love for her biker family. She returns home to Knoxville for grad school, just in time for her father to accept the burden of president…and for Mercy Lécuyer to roll back into town, looking to patch into the Tennessee chapter once more.

Felix Lécuyer left the swamps of Louisiana for a life as an outlaw biker named Mercy, but it was his family, and the retribution he dealt because of it, that made him famous within the club. Fourteen years ago he fled New Orleans for Knoxville, to become an extractor and bodyguard within the mother chapter, guarding Ghost Teague’s family, becoming a constant companion to little Ava. When she was seventeen, he finally crossed the line. Now she’s twenty-two, and he’s back in town as an old nemesis rears its ugly head, and puts the entire club in danger. The fate of the club is uncertain, but Mercy has no doubts about his heart; it still belongs to Ava.

Now available as a complete novel, ‘Fearless’ launches a thrilling new series about the Lean Dogs MC of Tennessee, and the women tough enough to love them.

Fearless (Dartmoor, #1)  Price of Angels (Dartmoor, #2)  Half My Blood (Dartmoor, #2.5)  The Skeleton King (Dartmoor, #3)

Secondhand Smoke (Dartmoor, #4)  Loverboy (Dartmoor, #5)


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