Book Review – The Consolation Duet by Corinne Michaels

Consolation (Salvation, #3)

What would you feel if you lost your husband, the love of your life, while carrying his baby? Devastated. Broken.

“My heart stops breathing and the world I live in ceases to exist.”

“My sorrow turns to hatred. I hate him. I hate everyone in this moment. I hate Aaron and everyone  who was there. I hate this house and everything in it. I hate the air that he no longer breathes.”

“My life is gone. My heart is dead. I’m a widow at twenty-seven.”

 But you have to keep living for the baby. That is the hardest part, since no time to grieve. You have to keep moving, breathing, surviving for your daughter. That was what Natalie did when she lost her husband, Aaron, even though it killed her on the inside.

“One day, they say. One day this will stop hurting. Lies. This will never be okay or stop hurting. I will never be the same. The woman I was before died the minute the knock on the door came.”

The way Miss Michaels portrays the story made me feel her feelings, her devastation. I was her, feeling her loss. She tried to move on with her baby, back to the routine, although it was hard. Until one day Liam, her husband’s best friend, came to visit. Their relationship had been pure friendship before her husband’s death and kept that way after it. He tried to help her for his late best friend. As the time passed, their relationship changed.

I loved how their relationship changed. There was no rush. Miss Michaels amazingly provided the details on how they felt, how they processed things. I could vividly see things through their eyes, and felt what they were feeling. It takes a great writing skill to make readers become part of the story. Completely Immersed in a story. That was what had happened to me while reading this story.

“You’re supposed to be untouchable, and yet here you are in my arms. I don’t know if I’m lucky or a fucking idiot. I just know that when we’re together, it feels right. It feels like we’re supposed to be.”

And then there was a twist!!! The twist I didn’t see coming. I was left surprised. My jaw was on the floor, could not believe what I was reading. I’m not saying what it is. It is the best part of the story. When you thought you knew how things would end and had anticipated them, this story really blew your mind. It was mind blowing. The story took a turn to something completely different. A new anticipation brought to me. I felt happy, but worry. Nervous for them.

The ways the main characters handled things in their lives were amazing. Especially Liam. What a perfect man a woman in this world could ask for. You will love him, root for him, feel him and be amazed by him. He is one of the main male characters that I love. Natalie was equally great. I love how the author portrayed her. She was one of my favorite heroines who stood for herself, defended her feelings, not let anyone affect her. The annoying heroines sometimes affect how I feel and think about the story. Natalie was definitely not in that category.

If you are in the mood for a heartfelt, emotional read, this series is for you. You won’t regret it. Easily 5 star read for me.

Consolation (Salvation, #3)  Conviction (The Consolation Duet #2; Salvation #4)


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  1. OMG, I haven’t read it yet….. I’ve heard so many great things about them. Maybe 2017 is the year for me:-)


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