Book Review – The Will (Magdalene #1) by Kristen Ashley

The Will (Magdalene, #1)Kisten Ashley never disappoints me. I love all her Alpha Males. This time is not different. Jake Spears is a wonderful Alpha Male. He had made mistakes related to women in his life and learned his lessons. Now he was wiser, more mature man that every woman had dreamed of. He was a perfect man that we couldn’t find in real life. A real, believable, perfect man. He could be demanding when he had a reason to and could be very sweet and gentle at the same time. And he was a fighter!!! Yummy.. 😉

“Never keep anything from me, I don’t give a shit how you think I’m gonna react. I’ll react how I react. I will NEVER harm you doin’ it. But I got enough experience with what doesn’t work between a man and a woman to know that keeping’ shit from each other is a big fuckin’ part of that….. Every inch of you, outside and any way you can get inside, baby, physically or emotionally, is mine.”

“Babe.” “Babe?” “Babe.” “Is that your response?” I asked. “No, my response is, babe, shut up and sleep but I already said that so I condensed it to just babe ‘cause that’s easier to say and might not piss you off.” “I can’t read all that in babe, Jake.” “You’ll learn to read my babes.”

Wow!! Pure Alpha Male!

Jodie was a career woman that had spent more than two decades of her life taking care of her boss that she had secretly fallen in love with. She hadn’t been in a real relationship since she had been in college. She’d had a boring, routine, normal life until she met Jake.

I never wanted anything but you, Jake… And I wanted you before I even knew you… You’re everything I ever wanted, darling.”

Their relationship was built in no rushed that gave us (readers) the time needed to know and connect with the characters and grow to fall in love with them. That’s what I love in Kristen Ashley’s books. She creates a story that makes us feel everything and believe in it. It’s believable. A real-fairy tale love story. It had made me forget that it wasn’t a real life story. It usually happens very rarely to me.

If you like an amazing love story with super Alpha Male and more mature characters, this one is for you. 4 stars

The Will (Magdalene #1) by Kristen Ashley


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