Book Review – The Last Hour (Thompson Sisters #5) by Charles Sheehan-Miles

The Last Hour (Thompson Sisters, #4)The Last Hour (Thompson Sisters #5) by Charles Sheehan-Miles

Charles sheehan-miles is a wonderful and talented author. I’d heard about this book for a while before grabbing and reading it. I just heard that this book was great and emotional. I never thought it was going to be THAT EMOTIONAL. I thought it was just like others, the romantic and emotional kinds of stories. I was looking for those kinds of books after spending days with bad boys and rock stars. I needed a deep emotional one, so I picked this book.

I decided not to read the reviews which were many at that time. I just wanted to enjoy the journey and surprised myself with whatever was going to come. So with no expectations and any picture about the story, I read this book. I shouldn’t have done it. I regretted it the minute I was finished. I don’t know how to describe this book. Great. No, not just great, it is amazing. Still amazing right now even though I hate it. This is the book that I hate the most so far.

It’s full of emotions. The kind of book that will rip your heart, but maybe will become the most memorable book you’ll ever read. I ended up sobbing the next morning after reading, which was all night long, and still was emotional days after that. This book had ruined my mood in reading completely. I couldn’t read another book because I was still thinking and feeling this story. Crazy, huh.

So I warn you before reading this. Grab a box of tissue and enjoy the roller coaster journey this story will bring you. You’ll be very down after reading but grateful at the same time by how amazing this book will have touched your heart. Charles Sheehan-Miles is genius.

5 stars (PERFECTION)


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