Book Review – The Bronze Horseman Series by Paullina Simons

The Bronze Horseman (The Bronze Horseman, #1)I’m not sure when I first heard about this series. The background is The Soviet-German war in 1941 until 1999 where they have had to face another kind of war through the years. The story took me to the era that I’m not familiar. So, after reading 2 pages I wasn’t sure if I would finish the first book or even a half of it, let alone the whole series. The series has three books with more than 2000 pages every book. I usually read 1000 pages or less per book. So, 2000 pages are a lot. It took a lot of time for me to finish it and I was hoping it was worth it.

“Alexander, were you looking for me?”
“All my life.”

Holly cow, after 5 pages I became more and more addicted. I didn’t realize I had reached the last page of book one. At the end of the day I realized I didn’t slept for two days (not kidding) and was ready for book two. I just woke up to eat and showered, and then continued with book 2. I couldn’t put my ipad down for a minute. I cried, laughed, smiled, grinned, being angry with them… I was living their lives.

“I love you breathlessly, my amazing man.”

“We walk alone through this world, but if we’re lucky, we have a moment of belonging to something, to someone, that sustains us through a lifetime of loneliness.”

I was totally in their world. This one below is the saddest part of book one for me.

“Good-bye, my moonsong and my breath, my white nights and golden days, my fresh water and my fire. Good-bye, and may you find a better life, find comfort again and your breathless smile, and when your beloved face lights up once more at the Western sunrise, be sure what I felt for you was not in vain. Good-bye and have faith, my Tatiana.”

I could feel their love for each other, their longing to be together, the situation around them, their tears, smiles, laughs. Their love. I felt their sadness, sorrow, struggles to be together and to keep alive. They fought for their own lives and their love. They fought for their family and their country. I could feel how they felt for each other.

“Will you remember that? Anywhere you are, if you can look up and find Perseus in the sky, find that smile, and hear the galactic wind whisper your name, you’ll know that it’s me, calling for you… calling you back to Lazarevo. (Alexander)”

“In Alexander’s life there was one thread that could not be broken by death, by distance, by time, by war. Could not be broken. As long as I am in the world, she said with her breath and her body, as long as I am, you are permanent, soldier.”

Even though the background is war, the whole story is about the relationship of Tatiana and Alexander, their love story. So, please don’t give up if you find lots of details about war between The Soviet and German. Those are things that support the love story of the main characters. Be patient and keep reading. I promise you, not only you’re going to enjoy reading it but also find yourself in a new level of book love. You’re going to love this series above books you’ve thought you were crazy about.

“I love you. I’m blind for you, wild for you. Sick with you. I told you that our first night together when I asked you to marry me, I am telling you now. Everything that’s happened to us, everything, is because I crossed the street for you. I worship you. You know that through and through…”

This one below is my saddest part of book three. Their love has been tested and it won!

“Alexander, you broke my heart. But for carrying me on your back, for pulling my dying sled, for giving me your last bread, for the body you destroyed for me, for the son you have given me, for the twenty-nine days we lived like Red Birds of Paradise, for all our Naples sands and Napa wines, for all the days you have been my first and last breath, for Orbeli- I will forgive you. ”

This series has everything I love and even far beyond and above the others. I have never thought I would love a book the way I do this series. Excelent writing, very detailed, fantastic story, amazing idea, and the characters are BEYOND. I’m speechless. I can’t describe enough in words how amazingly great this series is. This is one of the unforgetable stories that has stayed with me for years. In fact I still remember my experience while reading this incredible series. You have to “experience” it yourself to be able to feel it. Thank you Paullina Simons. Perfection!

6 stars (BEYOND PERFECT) My all time favorite!!

The Bronze Horseman (The Bronze Horseman, #1)  Tatiana and Alexander (The Bronze Horseman #2)  The Summer Garden (The Bronze Horseman, #3)


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