Book Review – Play It Safe by Kristen Ashley

Play It SafePlay It Safe by Kristen Ashley

It was the first time I read a Cowboy hero. I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical at frist. But remembering that the author was Kristen Ashley was what made me read it eventually. Oh My God. I absolutely adored this book. I loved it. I was hooked from the start to finish!

Grayson Cody was a local cowboy in Mustang. But not just an average cowboy, he was a perfect hot, badass, pure alpha-male cowboy rancher. He was one of the best heroes created by Kristen Ashley and one of my favorite heroes as well. I loved everything about him.  A PERFECT HERO. Ivey was a strong, badass girl who had been through a lot since she had been a little girl. She and her trouble brother had been on a run for a decade. She had never been connected with anyone else but her brother until she met Gray.

It was a first love for Ivey and love at first sight for Gray. Their connection was unmistakable. Their relationship progressed so unbelievably intense and beautiful but not rushed. But unfortunately, something bad had happened and forced them apart. Years later, their feelings to each other were still the same.

“You still fallin’ in love with me?… ‘Cause you know, baby, I’m already gone for you.”

“I loved you then. I love you now. I’ve loved you every day for the past seven years… Every day, every minute, every second.”

This book was a heart breaking, heart warming, heart racing and emotionally satisfying  book that would keep you up all night. It made me cry, grin, laugh, squee and swoon a LOT. I completely forgot these characters weren’t real. The story was felt SO REAL. I LOVED IT then, and still LOVE it now.

“Never before, never since have I felt for any woman, fuck, anyone the way I felt about you. I want that back. I want my girl back.”

I loved the other characters in this book as well such as Lash, Brutush and Jenny. I loved their friendsip with Ivey. They really deserve their own story to be written. It’s going to be amazing.

If you’ve read Kristen Ashley’s books before, this one should be your next read. If you haven’t yet, put aside book you’re planning to read and go grab this book. NOW. What an amazing story. 5 stars (fantastic)


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