Book Review – Making Faces by Amy Harmon

Making FacesMaking Faces by Amy Harmon

An incredible, heart-touching and unforgettable story. It’s not just about a passionate love story but a life-changing story. So rich, deep and philosophical.

Fern Taylor is a girl who has always believed that she is not beautiful. She has always believed that her physical appearance was not what most people usually think is beautiful. She has been in love with Ambrose Young since she was a kid. Ambrose Young is a very remarkable boy: handsome, athletic and very talented. She has always known that he was out of her league and it was impossible for her to have him.

And then a tragedy happened.

“..five young men go off to war, and only one comes back.”

Ambrose urged his four best friends to enlist in the army after 9/11 event. Even though they didn’t want to, they finally did. His four best friends died in Irag, Ambrose came back with fatal injured on his face that made him lost his beautiful face. Everything in his life that had seemed normal before was finally questioned. How to live after losing people you love so much? How to eccept yourself? How to forgive yourself?

And there is another amazing character, Bailey Sheen. He is Fern’s cousin who suffers the crippling effects of muscular dystrophy. I can’t describe enough of how much I love Bailey. Though he suffers a terminal desease and knows that he’s not going to live longer, he still lives his life in its fullest. So positive and always being an inspiration to everybody else. He is my most favorite character in this story.

I love how he helps Fern to see the beauty in herself and believe that she is remarkable.

“Do you think there’s any way someone like Ambrose could fall in love with someone like me?”…
“Only if he’s lucky.”
“Oh, Bailey.” Fern shook her head, but loved him for saying it…and even more for meaning it.”

I love how he encouraged Ambrose to stop blaming himself and start his life again.

“Because terrible things happen to everyone, Brosey. We’re all just so caught up in our own crap that we don’t see the shit everyone else is wading through”

I love his sense of humor.

“I keep thinking that maybe you and I could take a road trip and tell all the girls we meet along the way that we’re both vets. You’ve got a messed up face and my war wounds have put me in this chair. You think they’d believe it? Maybe then I could get some action. Problem is, how am I going to get a handful of tit if I can’t lift my arms?”

He is also a great motivator about love.

“Fern didn’t think she was good enough for you then, and you don’t think you’re good enough for her now. And both of you are wrong…and so stupid! Stuuupiiiid!” Bailey dragged the word out in disgust. “I’m ugly! I’m not worthy of love, waaa!” Bailey mimicked them in a whiny, high-pitched voice, and then shook his head as if he was thoroughly disappointed.”

What an incredible character. Amy Harmon creates an amazing supporting character (Bailey) to support the main characters (Fern and Ambrose). A great writing, very unique and unforgetable story. One of my favorite books that I will always remember. 5 stars (PERFECTION)


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