Book Review – Back to You by Priscilla Glenn

Back to YouBack to You by Priscilla Glenn

A beautiful and emotional love story about second chance. It was written beautifully by Priscilla Glenn. The story tells about Lauren and Michael current and past relationships. They met in high school and became best friends. Michael Delaney was a bad boy and had a rough life. Lauren Monroe was a sweet girl and the only one who saw him differently. Their friendship turned to be love. Eight years later as Lauren started teaching at a kindergarten school, she met Michael again. It happened that Michael had a daughter and his daughter was one of her students. There the story begins.

The story deals with anger and a loss of trust on Lauren’s part.

I feel their struggles to hide their feelings. I feel her pain. I feel his guilt. I feel their love. The story is told back and forward from past to present. Every page revealed something new. Priscilla Glenn managed to make me wonder what was happening when they were in high school that led to their separation. My heart beating faster every time I turned a page. It made the story so intense and far from boring. I couldn’t keep my eyes off my ipad. It happened rarely in my reading history lately. Priscilla Glenn is amazing.

But I have to be honest, something was missing for me. It was like 90 percent almost perfect story. What was the problem?

I felt Lauren’s feelings to Michael but I couldn’t feel Michael’s to Lauren. I didn’t see him fight enough for her to prove his feelings. So, at the end of story when they rekindled their relationship after ‘eight years being apart’ was sweet but not believable enough for me. After eight years of no communication or should I say ‘no efforts from him to prove his love for her,’ the last pages left me want more. Please, prove it, I thought. I couldn’t feel it. And the story moved on few years later where they were already married and living happily ever after.

I was left wanting more.

Anyway, it’s a great story, great writing and original idea. For her first debut, Priscilla Glenn did a fantastic job. Congratulations! 4 stars (great)


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